Kim's co-workers were definitely having a bad day at work. Kim had grown as tall as the skyscrapers of NYC, and placed all of them in her heel. Plenty of unlucky colleagues had already fallen down the slope of the inside of her shoe, now only a few remained trying to stay near her arch. With each booming step an unlucky soul would fall and get obliterated by her bare sole. The others watched in horror as their friends would cry out for help as Kim unknowingly smashed each one to a red paste. Suddenly, the meat grinder of Kim's feet stopped, the ones left on the arch felt themselves being lifted, maybe they'd survive? Without warning Kim's foot left her heel, and all the remaining co-workers plunged to their death, followed by the remains of the crushed. Some who survived the fall looked up to see Kim's now baresole engulf the entire street with their bodies being the intended targets. An OLD ONE, I know the second close up shows the reflection, not a miracle worker lol   #giantess     #giantesscity     #giantesscrush     #footpov     #feetpov     #giantessfetish     #asiangiantess     #giantwoman  


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Amazing! How to find original pic? Name of model?


They got in her way!

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